Upholstery cleaning can be very tricky. There are so many different types of materials, such as synthetics, cottons, Ultrasuede (polyester), jute, silks and many others. How does one decide what to use to clean these very different materials?

Most everything can be cleaned – that’s the good news! We can clean anything from headboards to mattresses, stools to chairs, sofas to lawn furniture – whatever you might have, we may have a way to clean and freshen it up.

If your furniture becomes soiled, and you want to clean it yourself, don’t be fooled by looking at the tags on your furniture or pillows as to how to clean it. Those tags are there for warranty purposes only, as well as covering what materials might be in or on your sofa or chair fabrics.

You need to give me a call. I can diagnose what the fabric may or may not be and what cleaning method is best suited for your project. Water might not be the best solution to clean certain fabrics because it could leave a water ring or even bleed fabric.

So, again, it pays to consult a professional. Please give me a call at (503) 475-9981 to discuss your project. We can decide the most appropriate approach to the outcome you’re looking for.